Biochemistry Quiz #2: Intracellular Trafficking

1. A genetic disorder results in defective docking of vesicles with their target compartments, due to a mutation affecting a specific protein involved in vesicle targeting. Which of the following proteins is most likely affected?

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2. A researcher is studying the mechanism by which insulin stimulates glucose uptake in adipocytes. The process involves the movement of glucose transporters to the cell membrane from an intracellular storage site. This movement is an example of:

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3. Which of the following processes is primarily involved in the recycling of membrane receptors back to the plasma membrane after endocytosis?

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4. A laboratory is investigating a family of proteins that regulate membrane traffic by promoting the assembly of coat proteins on vesicles. Dysfunction in these proteins is associated with impaired vesicle formation. These proteins are most likely:

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5. In the context of intracellular protein trafficking, which of the following statements best describes the function of COPII-coated vesicles?

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