Biochemistry Quiz#14 Vitamin C and Vitamin K

1. A patient with hemochromatosis starts taking a new supplement regimen that includes high doses of a certain vitamin. After a few weeks, he presents with symptoms of increased iron toxicity. Which vitamin in excess could most likely exacerbate his condition? 

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2. A newborn is diagnosed with vitamin K deficiency bleeding (VKDB). The mother reports exclusive breastfeeding and denies the use of any medications. Which of the following is the most likely cause of this condition in the newborn? 

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3. A patient presents to the emergency department with flank pain and hematuria. Imaging reveals the presence of renal stones. Upon dietary history review, it is found that the patient has been consuming high amounts of a certain supplement. Excessive intake of which vitamin is known to cause nephrolithiasis? 

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4. A patient who has been on long-term broad-spectrum antibiotics therapy for a chronic infection presents with easy bruising and bleeding gums. Laboratory tests reveal prolonged prothrombin time that corrects with Vitamin K administration. Which of the following best explains the patient's condition? 

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5. In the context of neonatal care, why is Vitamin K administered to newborns immediately after birth? 

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