Biochemistry Quiz#23 Lactase deficiency

1. A 6-year-old child presents with symptoms of abdominal pain, diarrhea, and bloating after consuming dairy products. The symptoms began approximately one year ago and have progressively worsened. The child's growth and development are otherwise normal, and there is no family history of similar issues. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis? 

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2. Which of the following findings is most characteristic of lactase deficiency on diagnostic testing? 

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3. A patient diagnosed with Crohn's disease presents with new-onset symptoms of lactose intolerance. What is the most likely type of lactase deficiency in this patient? 

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4. Which of the following is the most appropriate treatment for a patient with primary lactase deficiency who experiences symptoms after consuming dairy products? 

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5. A 25-year-old woman presents with diarrhea and bloating after consuming dairy products. She reports that these symptoms have been present since her early twenties but have recently worsened. A breath hydrogen test confirms lactase deficiency. Which of the following lifestyle modifications is most likely to alleviate her symptoms? 

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