Cardiology Quiz #17: Heart Hormones (ANP and BNP)

1. A 55-year-old male with a history of congestive heart failure presents with worsening shortness of breath and ankle swelling. Laboratory tests reveal elevated levels of a hormone known to reduce blood volume and systemic vascular resistance. Which hormone is most likely increased in this patient? 

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2. A 60-year-old female with no significant medical history undergoes a routine check-up. Her blood pressure is 130/85 mmHg, and her heart rate is 72 bpm. She has no complaints. A blood test reveals slightly elevated levels of a cardiac hormone that is also used as a biomarker for heart failure. This hormone is known to be involved in diuresis and natriuresis. Which hormone is being described? 

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3. During a physiology lecture, a medical student learns that a specific cardiac hormone plays a crucial role in reducing blood pressure by antagonizing the effects of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system. This hormone increases the glomerular filtration rate and inhibits sodium reabsorption in the kidneys. Which hormone is being described? 

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4. A researcher is studying the effects of various hormones on the cardiovascular system. She notes that one hormone, primarily released from the ventricles of the heart in response to stretching, has been increasingly used as a diagnostic and prognostic marker in patients with acute dyspnea. This hormone's primary role includes vasodilation and inhibition of renin and aldosterone secretion. Which hormone is the researcher studying? 

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5. A 70-year-old man with chronic kidney disease and heart failure is being evaluated for worsening pedal edema and orthopnea. His treatment regimen is adjusted to include a medication that aims to counteract the volume overload by enhancing the effects of certain cardiac hormones. These hormones are known for their role in promoting vasodilation and excretion of sodium and water. Which two hormones are most directly targeted by this therapeutic approach? 

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