Cardiology Quiz #2: Fetal Circulation

1. During a routine prenatal visit, a pregnant woman asks about the differences between fetal and adult circulation. Specifically, she inquires about the structure that allows blood to flow directly from the right atrium to the left atrium, bypassing the fetal lungs. Which of the following structures is responsible for this function? 

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2. A newborn is diagnosed with a congenital heart defect characterized by the failure of closure of a fetal circulatory structure, leading to the mixing of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. This condition is most likely associated with which of the following structures remaining open? 

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3. In fetal circulation, which of the following structures is primarily responsible for directing oxygenated blood from the placenta to bypass the liver and enter the systemic circulation? 

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4. Which of the following best describes the role of the umbilical arteries in fetal circulation? 

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5. A medical student is studying fetal circulation and learns about a temporary vascular shunt that connects the pulmonary trunk to the aortic arch, allowing most of the blood from the right ventricle to bypass the fetal lungs. This structure is known as: 

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