Gastroenterology Quiz #2: Ventral Wall Defects

1. A 1-day-old male infant is brought to the pediatrician by his parents for evaluation of an abdominal wall defect. On examination, the doctor notes a translucent sac protruding from the infant's umbilical ring, containing bowel loops. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis? 

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2. A newborn is found to have an abdominal wall defect immediately to the right of the umbilicus with exposed bowel loops that are not covered by a sac. Which of the following risk factors is most strongly associated with this condition? 

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3. A male infant is born with a defect in the anterior abdominal wall, through which the urinary bladder is seen protruding. This condition is best described as which of the following? 

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4. During a routine prenatal ultrasound, a fetus is diagnosed with a ventral wall defect through which liver and bowel loops are herniated and covered by a peritoneal sac. This finding is most suggestive of which of the following outcomes? 

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5. A pregnant woman is referred for a high-resolution ultrasound after a routine scan suggests a fetal abdominal wall defect. The ultrasound confirms the presence of intestinal loops floating freely in the amniotic fluid with no covering membrane. This finding is indicative of which of the following? 

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