Hem/Onc Quiz #4: Hematopoiesis

1. A 23-year-old female presents with fatigue and pallor. Laboratory tests reveal a microcytic anemia. Which of the following stages of erythropoiesis is primarily affected by iron deficiency? 

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2. A 30-year-old male with a history of recurrent bacterial infections is found to have a defect in the myeloid lineage of cells. Which of the following cell types is most likely to be directly affected by this defect? 

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3. Which of the following growth factors specifically stimulates the production of platelets? 

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4. A newborn is diagnosed with a congenital disorder that results in a failure of fetal liver hematopoiesis. This condition would most likely lead to a deficiency in which of the following cell types during fetal development? 

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5. A laboratory technician observes a blood smear from a patient with a marked increase in basophilic normoblasts. This finding is most consistent with a response to which of the following conditions? 

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