Immunology Quiz #18: Vaccination and heard immunity

1. A public health initiative aims to increase the vaccination rate for measles in a community. The goal is to achieve a level of immunity that would prevent the spread of measles, even to those who are unvaccinated. This strategy relies on which of the following concepts? 

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2. ns inactivated viruses. This type of vaccine primarily stimulates the production of which of the following? 

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3. In a clinical trial for a new vaccine, researchers are evaluating the efficacy of a live attenuated vaccine. Compared to inactivated vaccines, live attenuated vaccines are more likely to elicit which of the following immune responses? 

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4. A 25-year-old woman, who is planning to travel to a country with a high incidence of hepatitis A, receives a vaccine to protect against hepatitis A virus (HAV). The vaccine contains inactivated HAV. This type of vaccine is most effective in providing which of the following? 

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5. A community health report indicates a decrease in the incidence of pertussis (whooping cough) following a campaign to vaccinate adolescents and adults in addition to the existing childhood vaccination schedule. This strategy enhances protection against pertussis through which of the following mechanisms? 

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