Immunology Quiz #21: Autoantibodies

1. A 45-year-old woman presents with dry mouth, dry eyes, and bilateral parotid gland enlargement. Laboratory testing is likely to reveal the presence of which of the following autoantibodies? 

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2. A 30-year-old man presents with complaints of muscle weakness in his shoulders and hips that worsens towards the end of the day. He also reports difficulties chewing and double vision. Which of the following autoantibodies is most likely to be present in this patient? 

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3. A 50-year-old woman is diagnosed with an autoimmune disease after presenting with photosensitivity, malar rash, and arthritis. Which autoantibody is most specific for the diagnosis of this condition? 

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4. A 60-year-old male with a history of smoking presents with worsening skin thickening on his face and hands, along with difficulty swallowing. High-resolution CT of the chest reveals interstitial lung disease. Which of the following autoantibodies is most strongly associated with the patient's likely diagnosis? 

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5. A 25-year-old woman presents with symmetrical joint pain and stiffness in her hands that improves with activity. Radiographs of the hands show joint space narrowing and erosions. Which autoantibody is most characteristic of her likely diagnosis? 

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