Integumentary system Quiz #2, Epithelial Cell Junctions  

1. A researcher is studying a group of proteins critical for the establishment of a barrier function in epithelial cells. These proteins are known to prevent the passage of solutes and water through the intercellular space. Which of the following proteins is the researcher most likely studying? 

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2. A 22-year-old male presents with blistering skin lesions. Histological examination reveals a loss of cell-cell adhesion among epidermal cells. This condition is most likely caused by antibodies targeting which of the following structures? 

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3. During a study session, a group of medical students discusses the importance of various cellular junctions. One student explains that certain junctions are crucial for direct electrical communication between adjacent cells, allowing for the rapid spread of action potentials. Which of the following junctions is being described? 

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4. A researcher is examining a tissue sample under an electron microscope and notices a belt-like junction encircling the apical lateral border of the epithelial cells, just below the tight junctions. This junction is primarily composed of cadherins and catenins. Which of the following junctions is the researcher observing? 

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5. A genetic mutation leads to the dysfunctional production of a protein that connects the intermediate filaments of a cell to the basement membrane. This mutation would most likely affect which of the following cell structures? 

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