Microbiology Quiz #33, Systemic Mycoses  

1. A 35-year-old man presents with fever, cough, and chest pain. He reports a recent spelunking trip in the Ohio River Valley. Chest X-ray reveals diffuse infiltrates. Which of the following fungi is most likely responsible for his symptoms? 

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2. A patient presents with chronic cough, weight loss, and night sweats. A sputum culture grows a fungus at 25°C, which shows a mold form, but at 37°C, it grows as a yeast. This thermal dimorphism is a characteristic of which of the following systemic mycoses? 

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3. Which of the following systemic mycoses is known for causing "valley fever" and is endemic to the southwestern United States, particularly in areas such as Arizona and California? 

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4. A patient from rural Brazil presents with mucosal ulcers and lymphadenopathy. Biopsy of the lesions shows multiple budding yeast cells. Which of the following organisms is most likely responsible for these findings? 

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5. A patient with pulmonary symptoms and a history of exposure to bird droppings undergoes a lung biopsy. Histopathology slides of the lung biopsy specimen is shown below. Which of the following treatments is most appropriate for this fungal infection? 
Granuloma mac

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