MSK Quiz#10, Ankle Anatomy and Injuries  

1. A 25-year-old basketball player lands awkwardly on their foot after a jump and presents with lateral ankle pain. Physical examination reveals swelling and tenderness over the lateral aspect of the ankle. The patient has difficulty bearing weight on the affected side. Which ligament is most likely injured? 

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2. During a soccer game, a player experiences an inversion injury to the ankle. Which sequence of ligamentous injuries is most common in this type of ankle sprain? 

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3. A patient presents to the emergency department after rolling their ankle during a volleyball game. On physical examination, the patient exhibits significant tenderness over the anterior aspect of the lateral malleolus. Which physical examination maneuver would be most indicative of an anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) sprain? 

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4. A runner twists their ankle on uneven ground and presents with bruising, swelling, and pain over the lateral side of the ankle. Radiographs are negative for fractures. Which ligament is most susceptible to injury under these circumstances, and what is the mechanism of injury? 

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5. A 30-year-old hiker steps awkwardly on a rock, causing immediate pain and swelling around the ankle. Upon examination, there is tenderness localized to the lateral aspect of the ankle, and the patient exhibits difficulty bearing weight on the affected side. Radiographic imaging of the ankle shows no fractures but reveals a widening of the space between the lateral malleolus and the calcaneus.  

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