MSK Quiz#13, Types of Skeletal Muscle Fibers  

1. A researcher is studying the effects of different types of exercise on skeletal muscle fibers. She notes that one group of athletes, who engage primarily in long-distance running, exhibits an increase in muscle fibers that are highly resistant to fatigue and have a high capacity for aerobic metabolism. These muscle fibers are most likely: 

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2. Which of the following skeletal muscle fiber types is primarily activated during a short, intense sprint? 

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3. A 25-year-old bodybuilder has been engaging in resistance training to increase muscle mass and strength. This type of training predominantly leads to hypertrophy in which of the following muscle fiber types?

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4. During a physiology lecture, a professor explains that certain skeletal muscle fibers are more prevalent in marathon runners due to their efficiency in using oxygen to generate ATP for muscle contractions over long periods. These fibers are: 

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5. An exercise physiologist is designing a training program for a sprinter. To enhance performance, the program should focus on exercises that predominantly target which of the following muscle fiber types? 

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