MSK Quiz#2, Rotator Cough Anatomy and Pathology 

1. A 45-year-old male presents with difficulty lifting his arm overhead and reports a sensation of weakness when attempting to reach for objects on high shelves. Physical examination reveals pain when the arm is abducted between 60° and 120°. Which rotator cuff muscle is most likely involved based on the patient's symptoms? 

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2. A baseball pitcher complains of pain and weakness when throwing the ball. On examination, you note difficulty in externally rotating the shoulder with the arm at the side and the elbow flexed to 90 degrees. Which of the following rotator cuff muscles is likely injured? 

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3. A patient presents with a positive "lift-off test" where they are unable to move their hand off their back while keeping the arm internally rotated. This finding suggests a lesion in which of the following muscles? 

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4. During an examination, a patient demonstrates weakness in adducting and externally rotating their shoulder. Additionally, the patient has a positive "hornblower's sign" when attempting to lift their arm laterally while in external rotation. Which muscle is most likely affected? 

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5. A patient presents with a shoulder injury after falling onto an outstretched hand. Physical examination reveals normal shoulder abduction but significant weakness in external rotation of the shoulder. Which of the following findings would most specifically suggest an infraspinatus muscle tear over a teres minor injury? 

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