MSK Quiz#3, Upper Extremity Nerves and Injuries  

1. A 23-year-old rock climber falls and dislocates his shoulder. After reduction, he presents with weakness in arm abduction and a flattened deltoid contour. Which nerve is most likely injured? 

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2. A patient presents with a laceration on the lateral side of the forearm after a glass injury. He has weakness flexing the elbow and a diminished sensation over the lateral forearm. Which nerve is likely injured? 

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3. A carpenter presents with inability to extend his wrist and fingers after falling onto an outstretched hand. He also reports numbness on the back of his hand, excluding the area over the little finger. Which nerve is most likely injured? 

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4. A software engineer comes to your clinic complaining of tingling and numbness in the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and the lateral half of the ring finger, especially at night. Which nerve is most likely involved? 

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5. After an elbow fracture, a patient presents with an inability to adduct the thumb and a loss of sensation over the medial one and a half fingers on the palmar side. Which nerve is most likely injured? 

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