MSK Quiz#7, Lower Extremity Nerves and Injuries  

1. A patient presents with weakness in hip abduction and difficulty maintaining balance while walking up stairs after receiving a deep gluteal intramuscular injection. Which nerve is most likely injured? 

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2. A 30-year-old marathon runner presents with numbness in the anterior thigh and medial leg, and weakness in leg extension. This presentation suggests injury to which of the following nerves? 

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3. Following a fracture of the fibular neck, a patient is unable to dorsiflex the foot and experiences foot drop along with numbness on the dorsum of the foot. Which nerve is most likely injured? 

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4. A patient presents with loss of sensation in the upper medial thigh and impaired cremasteric reflex following an inguinal hernia repair. Which nerve is most likely injured? 

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5. A patient presents with loss of knee jerk reflex and weakened knee extension after a severe pelvic fracture. Which nerve is most likely affected? 

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