MSK Quiz#9, Knee Tests  

1. During a physical examination of a patient who recently sustained a knee injury while playing soccer, you perform the anterior drawer test and note significant anterior displacement of the tibia in relation to the femur. This finding suggests an injury to which of the following structures? 

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2. A patient presents to your clinic with a knee injury from a recent car accident where their knee hit the dashboard. You decide to perform the posterior drawer test and observe increased posterior displacement of the tibia relative to the femur. This finding is indicative of damage to which knee structure? 

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3. During a physical examination, a patient's knee demonstrates abnormal passive abduction (valgus stress) at 30 degrees of flexion with significant joint line gapping. Which ligament is most likely compromised? 

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4. A football player is brought to your clinic after experiencing a direct blow to the medial aspect of his knee. You perform an adduction (varus) stress test and note abnormal opening at the lateral joint line. This finding is most consistent with an injury to which structure? 

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5. A patient with a knee injury is unable to fully extend their leg at the knee joint. To further assess the integrity of the menisci, you decide to perform the McMurray test. During this test, you notice a palpable click and the patient expresses pain when the knee is brought from flexion to extension with the foot internally rotated. This finding is suggestive of a tear in which part of the knee? 

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