Neurology Quiz #24: Dermatomes

1. A 67-year-old man presents with a painful, vesicular rash in a band-like pattern on the right side of his chest. The rash does not cross the midline. This presentation is most consistent with reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus in which of the following dermatomes? 

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2. A 25-year-old woman reports loss of sensation on the lateral aspect of her leg and the dorsum of her foot. Which of the following spinal nerve roots is most likely implicated in this sensory deficit? 

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3. A patient presents with a sharp, burning sensation over the medial side of his forearm and the little finger. This pattern of sensory loss most likely corresponds to damage in which of the following dermatomes? 

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4. Following a surgical procedure, a patient complains of numbness in the skin over the groin and medial aspect of the thigh. This sensory loss is most likely associated with which of the following nerve roots? 

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5. A 34-year-old man presents with a stabbing pain in his right shoulder that worsens when he moves his arm. He also notices a decreased sensation over the deltoid muscle. This clinical presentation suggests involvement of which of the following dermatomes? 

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