Neurology Quiz #35: Multiple Sclerosis and Demyelinating Disorders

1. A 28-year-old woman presents with a one-month history of intermittent numbness and tingling in her right arm and leg. She also reports an episode of blurred vision in her left eye that resolved after a few days. MRI of the brain shows multiple periventricular white matter lesions. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis? 

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2. A 35-year-old man is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis after presenting with optic neuritis and sensory disturbances. Which of the following treatments is most appropriate for reducing the frequency of relapses in this patient? 

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3. A 24-year-old female presents with a two-day history of difficulty walking and a sensation of pins and needles in her legs. She has a past medical history of an episode of blurred vision that fully resolved two months ago. An MRI shows several lesions with an ovoid shape, perpendicular to the lateral ventricles. What is the most likely mechanism of her symptoms? 

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4. A patient diagnosed with multiple sclerosis experiences a severe relapse with worsening of neurological symptoms. Which of the following is the most appropriate initial treatment for this acute exacerbation? 

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5. A 30-year-old woman with multiple sclerosis is considering pregnancy. She is currently being treated with a disease-modifying therapy. Which of the following medications used in the management of multiple sclerosis is considered safest for use during pregnancy? 

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