Neurology Quiz #5: Neuron Action Potentials

1. A 22-year-old man participates in a study examining neural physiology. He is asked to perform several tasks while the electrical activity of his neurons is recorded. Which of the following best describes the change within a neuron that initiates an action potential? 

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2. A researcher is studying the effects of various toxins on nerve conduction. One toxin is found to bind selectively to voltage-gated sodium channels, preventing their opening. What would be the immediate effect of this toxin on neuron action potentials? 

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3. During a physiology lecture, a professor explains the importance of the refractory periods in the action potential of a neuron. Which of the following best describes the significance of the absolute refractory period? 

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4. A 35-year-old woman is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease characterized by demyelination of neurons in the central nervous system. Demyelination would most directly affect which of the following aspects of neuron action potential propagation? 

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5. In a laboratory experiment, a scientist applies a drug that specifically blocks voltage-gated potassium channels on a neuron. Which of the following changes in the neuron's action potential would most likely occur? 

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