Pathology Quiz #11: Leukocyte Extravasation

1. A 20-year-old male presents to the clinic with signs of acute bacterial infection. Laboratory findings indicate increased neutrophil count. Which of the following molecules is primarily responsible for the initial slowing down of neutrophils in the bloodstream, allowing them to roll along the vessel wall during the process of leukocyte extravasation? 

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2. During an inflammatory response, a neutrophil migrates from the blood vessel to the site of tissue injury. Which of the following pairs of molecules facilitates the firm adhesion of neutrophils to the endothelium, a critical step before transmigration? 

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3. A researcher is studying the mechanism of leukocyte migration to sites of infection. They note that certain cytokines upregulate the expression of adhesion molecules on endothelial cells. Which of the following cytokines is most directly involved in increasing the expression of adhesion molecules that facilitate leukocyte extravasation? 

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4. A patient with a severe bacterial infection shows impaired leukocyte migration to the site of infection. A genetic analysis reveals a mutation affecting the expression of a protein involved in leukocyte transmigration through the endothelial barrier. Which of the following proteins, if defective, would most directly impair this final step of leukocyte extravasation? 

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