Pathology Quiz #25: Paraneoplastic Syndromes

1. A 60-year-old male smoker presents with a new onset of profound weakness and fatigue. Physical examination reveals ptosis and diplopia that worsens towards the evening. Laboratory tests show normal acetylcholine receptor antibody levels. A chest CT scan reveals a mass in the lung apex. Which of the following paraneoplastic syndromes is most likely associated with this patient's presentation? 

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2. A 55-year-old woman presents with confusion, constipation, and polyuria. Blood tests reveal a calcium level of 12.9 mg/dL (normal 8.5-10.2 mg/dL). Further investigation reveals a mass in the right lung. Which of the following substances is most likely being produced by the tumor, leading to this patient's symptoms? 

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3. A 45-year-old man with a known history of pancreatic cancer presents to the emergency department with thrombosis in the deep veins of his left leg. There is no history of trauma or recent surgery. Which of the following best describes the underlying mechanism of this patient's condition? 

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4. A 65-year-old male presents with recent weight loss, a cough, and new-onset high blood pressure. Laboratory tests reveal hypokalemia and metabolic alkalosis. A CT scan is obtained and shown below. Which of the following paraneoplastic syndromes is most likely responsible for the patient's presentation? 

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5. A 58-year-old female presents with diarrhea, flushing, and wheezing. She has a history of bronchial asthma that has recently worsened. A bronchoscopy reveals a bronchial carcinoid tumor. Which of the following substances is most likely being produced by this tumor to cause the patient's symptoms? 

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