Pathology Quiz #3: Ischemia

1. A 63-year-old man with a history of poorly controlled hypertension and diabetes mellitus presents to the emergency department with sudden onset of left-sided weakness and slurred speech. Imaging studies reveal an area of cerebral infarction in the right middle cerebral artery territory. This patient’s neurological deficits are most directly attributable to which of the following cellular processes? 

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2. A 56-year-old woman with a history of chronic renal failure is undergoing hemodialysis. She complains of cramping and weakness in her hand during the procedure. The symptoms are most likely due to a reduction in the availability of which of the following substances? 

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3. A 70-year-old man presents with chest pain radiating to his left arm and jaw. An electrocardiogram is performed and shown below. This pattern suggests occlusion of which of the following arteries? 

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4. In an experimental study, researchers induced ischemia in the hindlimb of a laboratory mouse by ligating the femoral artery. Which of the following cellular changes is most likely to occur in the muscle cells of the ischemic limb within the first few hours? 

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5. A 50-year-old male with a history of peripheral artery disease presents with rest pain in his right foot. The pain is relieved when he dangles his foot over the edge of the bed. This symptom is indicative of which of the following stages of peripheral artery disease (PAD)? 

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