Pathology Quiz #5: Free Radical Injury

1. A 55-year-old male with a history of chronic alcohol abuse presents with jaundice and ascites. Laboratory studies show elevated liver enzymes and decreased serum albumin. Histologic examination of a liver biopsy reveals hepatocyte necrosis and lipid deposition. The mechanism of cell injury that is most directly associated with this patient's condition involves the generation of which of the following? 

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2. A 40-year-old woman undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer develops neutropenia. She is admitted to the hospital with a fever and diagnosed with an acute bacterial infection. Which of the following agents used in her chemotherapy is most likely to cause free radical injury, contributing to cardiac toxicity? 

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3. During a surgery, a patient experiences a temporary reduction in blood flow to the kidneys. This ischemia leads to the generation of free radicals during reperfusion. Which of the following enzymes is most likely to be involved in detoxifying these free radicals in renal tissue? 

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4. A research team is studying the effects of radiation therapy on tumor cells. They note that one of the mechanisms by which radiation induces cell death is through the generation of free radicals. Which of the following cellular components is most susceptible to damage by these free radicals, leading to cell death? 

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5. A newborn is diagnosed with severe hemolytic anemia and high levels of bilirubin. Genetic testing reveals a deficiency in an enzyme that protects red blood cells from oxidative damage. Which of the following enzymes is most likely deficient in this patient? 

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