Pharmacology Quiz #5: Efficacy and Potency

1. A 26-year-old male is part of a clinical trial comparing the effects of two anti-hypertensive drugs, Drug A and Drug B. The dose-response curves of both drugs are analyzed. Drug A reaches its maximal therapeutic effect at a lower dose than Drug B. However, both drugs achieve the same maximal effect when administered at their respective optimal dosages. Which of the following best describes Drug A compared to Drug B?

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2. In a pharmacology lecture, a professor explains that Drug X and Drug Y are both used to treat anxiety. Drug X can alleviate anxiety at a dose of 2mg, while Drug Y requires 10mg to achieve the same effect. Assuming both drugs reach the same level of maximally achievable relief from anxiety, which property best distinguishes Drug X from Drug Y?

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3. A new drug, Drug C, is being studied for the treatment of chronic heart failure. In clinical trials, Drug C demonstrates a maximal effect that is less than that of the standard treatment, Drug D, despite increasing the dosage of Drug C. What does this suggest about Drug C compared to Drug D?

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4. During a pharmacology class, a student learns that Drug 1 and Drug 2 are both agonists at the same receptor. It is observed that at all concentrations, Drug 1 produces a greater response than Drug 2, even though both can achieve 100% of the receptor's maximal response when given at sufficiently high concentrations. What is the most accurate description of these drugs?

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