Pharmacology Quiz #6: Receptor Binding

1. A new antihypertensive medication is found to bind to its receptor with high affinity but does not elicit a response even at high concentrations. This medication is best classified as which of the following? 

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2. A researcher is studying a drug that mimics the action of a naturally occurring neurotransmitter by binding to its receptor and activating it. This drug is best described as which of the following? 

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3. A medication used in the treatment of asthma is found to bind to the β2-adrenergic receptors, producing a maximal response that is less than that of the endogenous ligand, even when all receptors are occupied. This medication is most accurately classified as which of the following? 

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4. During a pharmacology lecture, a professor explains that a certain drug works by decreasing the effect of an endogenous receptor ligand without affecting the affinity of the ligand for its receptor. This drug likely acts through which of the following mechanisms? 

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5. A study compares the dose-response relationship of two bronchodilators. The study finds that Drug E and Drug F both achieve the same maximum bronchodilation, but Drug E achieves this effect at a lower concentration than Drug F. Based on these findings, which statement is true? 

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