Psychiatry Quiz #1: Classical and Operant Conditioning

1. A 4-year-old child begins to cry every time he sees a white coat, even when visiting the dentist, after receiving several vaccinations at his pediatrician's office. This behavior best exemplifies which of the following types of learning? 

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2. A medical student develops anxiety when hearing the sound of a pager after experiencing several stressful on-call nights. This scenario is an example of: 

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3. A dog learns to sit on command because it receives a treat every time it performs the action correctly. This type of learning is best described as: 

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4. A parent decides to remove curfew restrictions from their teenager as a reward for improved grades. This change in behavior due to the removal of an unpleasant stimulus is an example of: 

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5. After repeatedly failing to keep his room clean, a child's parents decide to take away his video game privileges. This scenario best illustrates: 

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