Psychiatry Quiz #2: Transference and Countertransference

1. A 32-year-old male patient begins psychotherapy for depression. Over several sessions, he starts to develop feelings of admiration and affection for his therapist, believing she understands him better than anyone else ever has. This scenario best illustrates which of the following concepts? 

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2. During therapy sessions, a 28-year-old female patient frequently criticizes her therapist, accusing him of not caring and being ineffective, mirroring her complaints about her father. This behavior exemplifies which psychoanalytic concept? 

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3. A therapist notices that he feels particularly challenged and irritated by a patient who is dismissive and arrogant, reminding the therapist of his estranged brother. The therapist's feelings best represent which of the following? 

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4. A therapist finds herself frequently thinking about a patient outside of sessions and is considering initiating a friendship once therapy concludes. This scenario is an example of: 

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5. During a therapy session, a patient expresses feelings of betrayal and abandonment when discussing his recent breakup. The therapist, who recently went through a similar experience, finds herself sympathizing excessively and sharing her personal story with the patient. This interaction is indicative of:

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