Psychiatry Quiz #3: Ego Defenses

1. A 30-year-old woman who recently went through a traumatic breakup claims she cannot remember her ex-partner's name or any of the events surrounding their breakup. She has no history of neurological issues. This scenario best exemplifies which of the following ego defenses? 

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2. A medical student receives a failing grade on an important exam. He convinces himself that the exam was unfair and that the grading system was flawed, rather than acknowledging his lack of preparation. This behavior is an example of which ego defense mechanism? 

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3. A woman who is angry with her boss comes home and argues with her spouse over a trivial matter. This is an example of which of the following ego defense mechanisms? 

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4. A teenager who is a skilled artist uses his talent to create graphic novels that explore themes of violence and loss, subjects he is uncomfortable discussing openly. This behavior is an example of which ego defense mechanism? 

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5. After being rejected from her top-choice medical school, a student starts to insist that she never really wanted to go to that school because it was too far from her family and the weather in that city is terrible. This ego defense mechanism is known as: 

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