Public Health Quiz #1: Observational Studies

1. A group of researchers conducts a study to investigate the potential association between the consumption of high-fructose corn syrup and the incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus. They select a group of individuals and follow them prospectively, collecting data on their fructose consumption and the development of diabetes over a 10-year period. Which type of observational study does this scenario best represent?

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2. A research team wants to investigate the relationship between smoking and lung cancer. They select a group of lung cancer patients and a group without lung cancer, then retrospectively assess their smoking history. Which type of observational study design is being used?

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3. Researchers are interested in the prevalence of hypertension in a rural community. They conduct a study in which they measure the blood pressure of 1,000 randomly selected residents at a single point in time and record information on their lifestyle and diet. This study is an example of which type of observational study?

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4. A group of researchers wants to examine the natural history and progression of Alzheimer's disease over time. They compile detailed medical histories, lifestyle factors, and clinical outcomes of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, without involving a control group. Which type of observational study does this describe?

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5. A study is conducted to investigate the correlation between national income levels and obesity rates across multiple countries. The researchers compile data on average income and obesity prevalence from national health databases and analyze the relationship between these variables. Which type of observational study is this?

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