Public Health Quiz #13: Common Statistical Tests

1. A researcher is comparing the average systolic blood pressure between two groups of patients: those who have been prescribed a new antihypertensive drug and those who have not received any treatment. Which statistical test is most appropriate for analyzing the difference in average systolic blood pressure between these two groups?

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2. Researchers are interested in determining if there is an association between smoking status (smoker vs. nonsmoker) and the presence of lung cancer (yes vs. no). Which statistical test should be used to analyze the data?

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3. A study aims to evaluate the effect of a new diet on weight loss by comparing the weight of participants before and after the diet program. Which statistical test is most suitable for this paired data?

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4. In an observational study, a researcher wants to examine the relationship between the hours of weekly exercise (a continuous variable) and blood glucose levels (also a continuous variable) in a population of adults. Which statistical test should be used?

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5. A medical researcher is comparing the effectiveness of three different drugs in lowering blood pressure. The blood pressure levels after treatment with each drug are recorded. Which statistical test is most appropriate for comparing the mean blood pressure levels across the three treatment groups? 

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