Public Health Quiz #2: Clinical Trials

1. A new medication for hypertension is being tested in a study that compares the effects of the medication against a placebo in similar groups of patients. The study participants and the researchers do not know which group is receiving the active medication and which group is receiving the placebo. This study design is best described as: 

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2. A phase II clinical trial is being conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a novel anticoagulant. Which of the following best describes the primary purpose of a phase II trial? 

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3. A researcher is designing a clinical trial to compare the effectiveness of two cholesterol-lowering drugs. To minimize selection bias, the researcher decides to randomly assign participants to the treatment groups. This technique is known as: 

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4. In a phase III clinical trial for a new antidiabetic medication, the primary endpoint is set as the reduction in HbA1c levels after 12 months of treatment. The significance of choosing a primary endpoint is to: 

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5. A clinical trial investigating a new cancer therapy reports a p-value of 0.03 when comparing the survival rates of the treatment group to those of the control group. This p-value indicates that: 

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