Public Health Quiz #4: Evaluation of Diagnostic Tests

1. A new screening test for lung cancer has been developed. In a study population of patients who are known to have lung cancer based on definitive diagnostic criteria, the test correctly identifies 95 out of 100 patients as having the disease. This measure is best described as: 

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2. A diagnostic test for a rare genetic disorder has a specificity of 98%. This means that the test: 

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3. In a population where the prevalence of a disease is very low, a screening test with high sensitivity and high specificity is used. Despite the test’s high sensitivity and specificity, it has a low positive predictive value. This is most likely due to: 

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4. A researcher is evaluating a new test for diagnosing diabetes. The test is administered to 100 known diabetic patients and 100 non-diabetic controls. The test correctly identifies 90 of the diabetic patients as having diabetes and correctly identifies 80 of the non-diabetic controls. The sensitivity of this test is: 

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5. A new test for identifying a bacterial infection reports a negative result in 99 out of 100 individuals who do not have the infection. However, it also reports a negative result in 20 out of 100 individuals who do have the infection. The specificity of this test is: 

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