Public Health Quiz #6: Precision and Accuracy

1. A new laboratory machine is being evaluated for its ability to measure serum sodium levels accurately. After multiple measurements of the same serum sample, the machine yields results that are very close to each other but consistently 5 mmol/L higher than the known concentration of the sample. Which of the following best describes the performance of this machine? 

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2. During the calibration of a glucose meter, it is found that repeated measurements of glucose concentration in a control solution yield significantly varying results that average to the actual glucose concentration of the solution. This scenario illustrates the glucose meter has: 

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3. A research team is developing a new assay to measure serum cholesterol levels. During testing, they observe that when measuring the same sample multiple times, the values are scattered and do not cluster tightly together, though the mean of these values is very close to the known concentration of cholesterol in the sample. This assay is best characterized by: 

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4. A medical student is learning about the difference between precision and accuracy in laboratory measurements. To achieve high accuracy in a test measuring hemoglobin levels, the test results must: 

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5. A blood pressure cuff is tested for its ability to measure blood pressure accurately. After conducting several measurements on a standardized model arm with a known blood pressure, it is observed that the cuff's measurements are consistently 10 mmHg above the model's actual blood pressure, but the measurements are very close to each other. This observation indicates the cuff has: 

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