Public Health Quiz #9: Statistical Distribution

1. A study is examining the distribution of serum cholesterol levels in a population. The distribution is symmetric around the mean, with half of the values falling above the mean and half below. This distribution is best described as:

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2. In a study analyzing the number of new infections of a rare disease per month in a small town, researchers observe that the mean number of new infections is small, and the distribution of the number of cases is skewed to the right. Which of the following best describes the distribution of the number of new infections? 

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3. A large dataset contains values that are evenly spread across the range of the data, with each value having an equal probability of occurrence. This type of distribution is most accurately described as: 

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4. In a clinical trial comparing two treatments, the primary outcome is the number of patients who respond to treatment out of a fixed number of trial participants. The distribution of the number of responders in repeated samples of the same size from the population would best follow which of the following distributions? 

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5. A researcher is studying the time until recurrence of a disease in a group of patients. The time until an event (in this case, disease recurrence) follows a distribution that is not symmetric and has a long tail to the right. Which of the following distributions best describes this scenario?

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