Renal Quiz #4Fluid Compartments and Total Body Water

1. A 70 kg male is admitted to the hospital for management of severe dehydration. Assuming normal body composition, approximately how much of his body weight is accounted for by total body water? 

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2. In which of the following fluid compartments is the majority of the body's total body water (TBW) located? 

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3. A 55-year-old woman with a history of congestive heart failure is receiving intravenous therapy to manage her condition. The therapy primarily targets which of the following fluid compartments to reduce her symptoms? 

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4. A biochemistry student is learning about fluid distribution in the human body. He learns that sodium is the most abundant cation in which of the following fluid compartments? 

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5. A pharmacology student is studying the distribution of a new drug that is known to distribute evenly throughout body water. If a 60 kg woman with a normal body composition receives a dose of the drug, and assuming her total body water is 60% of her body weight, how many liters of water will the drug distribute into? 

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