Reproductive Quiz #18, Autonomic Innervation of Male Sexual Response  

1. A 45-year-old male presents with erectile dysfunction. He is particularly concerned because he has not had issues with libido, but rather with achieving and maintaining an erection. The initial process of an erection involves which of the following types of nerve fibers? 

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2. During the male sexual response, ejaculation is controlled by the coordination of sympathetic, parasympathetic, and somatic systems. Which of the following best describes the autonomic control responsible for ejaculation? 

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3. A patient with a spinal cord injury at the T10 level has preserved sexual function, including the ability to achieve erections and ejaculate. Which of the following spinal cord levels is most crucial for the autonomic control of erection? 

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4. A study is conducted to assess the impact of various drugs on male sexual function. A drug that blocks parasympathetic outflow is observed to significantly reduce the ability to initiate erections. This drug likely acts on which of the following neurotransmitters or receptors? 

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5. In a clinical trial for a new medication designed to treat premature ejaculation, the drug is found to prolong the latency time before ejaculation without affecting libido or erectile function. This drug most likely exerts its effect through which of the following mechanisms? 

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