Respiratory Quiz #29, Pancoast Tumor and Superior Vena Cava Syndrome  

1. A 58-year-old male smoker presents with a history of shoulder pain radiating down the arm and weakness of hand muscles. A chest X-ray reveals a mass at the apex of the right lung. Which of the following syndromes is most likely associated with these findings? 

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2. A 64-year-old female with a long history of smoking presents with facial swelling, distended neck veins, and dyspnea. A chest CT scan reveals a mass compressing the superior vena cava. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis? 

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3. A patient presents with unilateral ptosis, miosis, and anhidrosis on the left side of the face. Additionally, the patient has a history of smoking and recent onset of shoulder pain. Which of the following underlying conditions is most likely responsible for these findings? 

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4. A 55-year-old male with a significant smoking history presents with dyspnea, cough, and swelling of the face and upper extremities. On examination, you note prominent venous patterns on the chest wall. Chest imaging reveals a central mass compressing the superior vena cava. Which of the following treatments is most appropriate as initial management for relieving the patient's symptoms? 

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5. A patient presents with a chronic cough and recent onset of severe shoulder pain radiating to the ulnar side of the arm and hand, accompanied by muscle weakness in the hand. A chest X-ray reveals a lesion at the apex of the lung. Which of the following neurological deficits is most likely associated with this presentation? 

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