Respiratory Quiz #30, Pharmacology of Asthama and COPD Medications 

1. A 45-year-old female with a known history of asthma presents to the clinic complaining of frequent nocturnal asthma attacks. She is currently using an albuterol inhaler as needed. Which of the following medications should be added to her regimen to better control her asthma? 

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2. A 65-year-old male with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is being treated with tiotropium. What is the mechanism of action of this medication? 

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3. A 30-year-old male with asthma is prescribed a medication that prevents the release of inflammatory mediators from mast cells. Which of the following medications has been prescribed? 

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4. A patient with COPD is prescribed a medication that increases cyclic AMP levels, leading to bronchodilation. Which of the following drugs works through this mechanism? 

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5. A patient with severe asthma is started on a new medication regimen that includes an antibody against IgE. Which of the following medications has been added to this patient's regimen? 

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